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KN95 w/visible nose clip

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About BoeCare

BoeCare supplies high-quality, personal-protection equipment needed by those working in critical-care environments and other essential workplaces as well as the general public. Our attention to detail is apparent in every stitch of the masks we provide, from the 4-ply, 95%-effective KN95 (which matches the N95 in performance), to the traditional, 3-ply, pleated surgical mask. We are staffed in China and in North America so you can access the language skills you want to secure the products you need.



World-Class Production

Our state-of-the-art, mask-manufacturing facility is now operating 16 hours daily to expertly craft face masks and other protective gear during this COVID-19 crisis.

BoeCare’s president, Tony H.B. Speary, has a decade of business experience in China, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S., where he has nurtured relationships based on open and honest communication and a commitment to getting the details right through hard work.

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Trust BoeCare to ship masks within four days after payment is received. Due to carrier restrictions and customs bottlenecks, we’re unable to promise a delivery date earlier than two weeks out.

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Tony H.B. Speary,

Molly A. Badgett, marketing director

B. Ren,
vice president

Lisa Huang,
sales manager